This Prankster Exposes Gold Digger And Gives Her A Golden Shovel To Digg Deep..!



This is a gold digger prank and a social experiment, in one. I approach a hot girl to try and pick her up, but I am rejected. She doesn’t want to go for a drink, and seems to not have a boyfriend, so it isn’t like she would be a cheating girlfriend.


Once I pull up in a nice expensive luxury car like the corvette, do you think this hot girl becomes interested and gets exposed as a gold digger? You are going to have to watch till the end to find out!

Gold Digger Prank!!

Now the hilarious part of the prank was when Rob told her to wait a while as she got something from the back of the car. He then handed her a golden shovel and bluntly said she deserves it because she’s a gold digger! The girl managed to slap him in the face but he laughed it off as he drove away and left her there on the street.