This Predator V8 Chainsaw Holds The World Record For Fastest Cutting Of Log!



One of the attractions at the Island County Fair weekend before last was the Logging rivalry, where lumberjacks climbed shafts, slashed, tossed tomahawks, set chokers, moved logs, and ran cutting tools with time as the opponent.


In the “Hot Saw” class was this V8 Buick controlled creature called the Predator. One person remained at every side of it to lift it up and saw through the log. It didn’t take long!

Predator V8 Chainsaw

The day preceding the saw chain broke while sawing the log and a bit of it hit a pal’s truck rear end, imprinting the back end and gouging out a bit of metal. Not very astounding, with the exception of that the truck was a dump truck…

credit (innamag)