This RC Plane Is Absolutely HUGE . The Beautiful RC Messerschmitt P. 1110 Is Ready To Fight Again..



It’s not that often for us to share a video like this but we thought this is to cool not to be shared. If you are a big fan of RC stuff like cars and planes, this will be one of the coolest videos that you have watched this week, especially if you love RC planes.


In this video you will have the chance to see a Giant RC Messerschmitt P. 1110. Thanks to the YouTube channel, RCScaleAirplanes we have the chance to see this incredible Plane in action, usually I have watched and seen only pictures of this beast but I have never had the chance to see an RC Model that is able to fly and perform like a real Messerschmitt P. 1110.

Giant Rc Messerschmitt P.1110

Anyways I’m sure that you will find this video interesting and you will play it few times, because that is what I did after watching it for the first time. What I find most interesting about this is the size of the Messerschmitt P. 1110, usually when I see RC planes I see some small scale planes but this time the owner have passed the boundaries and he made the real deal.