This Woman Found A 128 Year-Old Cascet of Young Girl Underneath Her House



Home renovations can reveal all kinds of forgotten treasures. Knocking down walls or tearing up floorboards often uncovers long-lost trinkets that have literally slipped through the cracks. Sometimes, these finds even pre-date the current homeowner by several generations.


Erika Karner was renovating her childhood home in San Francisco… when her contractors unearthed something unusual.Then, contractors made a startling discovery: The coffin of a young girl who died over 120 years ago.

Young Girl’s Casket…

The site of Karner’s house near Stanyan and Golden Gate Avenue was once an Odd Fellows cemetery. All of the graves were moved away in 1900, when the city evicted San Francisco’s graveyards—that is, all of them but one.

Now it’s something of a real estate puzzle to figure out who the girl (dubbed “Miranda,” for lack of an identifier on the coffin) was. “I was up until four in the morning looking at maps,” Elissa Davey told Curbed SF.

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