This Woman Gets Paid To Go On Amazing Adventures All Around The World




It seems like every day we hear about people quitting their jobs to travel the world.

But unlike most people, Kiersten Rich figured out the secret to becoming a professional globe trotter and actually getting paid to see the world!

Back in 2011, this California gal decided the whole corporate grind just wasn’t her thing.

So, she ditched her day job, packed her bags, hopped on a plane and never looked back.

Now, she spends her days exploring foreign lands and documenting all of her incredible experiences on her travel blog, The Blonde Abroad, and her seriously impressive Instagram account.

However, running a successful travel blog isn’t as easy as her romantic Instagram pictures would have you think.

Rich told Daily Mail,

If you want to start a blog to support your travels, you will most likely fail. Begin with pure intentions, hard work and perseverance. So long as, in the end, you continue to love what you do you have succeeded.

So far, Rich managed to cross 50 countries off her travel bucket list, and she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this adventurous entrepreneur.

Meet 27-year-old Kiersten Rich.


Back in 2011, this free-spirited California gal decided she wasn’t suited for the normal 9-to-5 grind.


So, she decided to follow her heart…



…and left her corporate job to travel all over the world!


But wait, it gets better.ntrtrt-min

Thanks to her awesome travel blog and Instagram account…


Rich became quite an Internet sensation…


…and now, she actually gets paid to go on epic journeys all over globe.

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