This Young Beautiful Contortionist Has More Than Just Bending Her Body



Admit it, when watching America’s Got Talent (or any other talent show for that matter), we look forward to the best singers the stage could bring. Every show ultimately becomes a battle of voices, and other talents are, more often than not, eliminated.

But this 14-year-old brings something new to the table. AGT judges, including Simon, was shocked to hear what she was about to do. But when she starts balancing, her strength and muscle control was outstanding!

Teen Contortionist

The performance’s climax was when she balanced with two hands, and used her feet to hold her bow and arrow and hit a target a few feet away—and she nails it!

Mel B. exclaimed, “You’ve got such a good stage presence. Everything was perfection.” Both Heidi and Howie called the routine “amazing.” However, Simon put it best, saying, “What planet are you from? You really put on a great act.”

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