Top 10 Aerospace Mega Projects Of All Time



This is a list of top 10 aerospace mega projects, i.e., extremely large-scale investment aerospace projects. All these projects cost more than US$1 billion and attract a lot of public attention because of substantial impacts on communities, environment, and budgets. The number of such projects is so large that the list may never be fully completed.

1. Antonov An-225 Mriya


It has 640 tons as its maximum takeoff weight, making it to be the heaviest as well as the longest aircraft in the entire world. It has very large and long wings, and 5 turbofan engines are powering it up. The Antonov Design Bureau was the company behind its creation.

These are the 10 aerospace mega projects in the world that you should know. Manufacturing these aircrafts is definitely not that easy.

2. Airbus A380


It is known to be the world’s biggest passenger aircraft, which was the main reason why some countries were forced to renovate their airports in order to accommodate such larger aircraft. It was on October 2007 when Airbus A380 firstly entered into commercial service.

3. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit


This was created intentionally so that it will be easier for military forces to do some denser tasks when it comes to anti-aircraft defenses like deploying nuclear weapons and conventional weapons.

4. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress


It’s included in the list of biggest military aircrafts available in the world today. Boeing was the brilliant company behind the creation of this military bomber aircraft. Sin the 1950s, USAF or United States Air Force was the one that owns this aircraft.

5. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor


Stealth technology is used by this 5th generation fighter aircraft, which is a twin-engine and a single-seated aircraft designed and created by the famous Lockheed Martin company. Signals intelligence roles, electronic warfare, and ground attack are some of its capabilities.

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