Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in The World



The folks at Global Firepower ranked the world’s 10 most powerful militaries. They examined the defence forces of 68 countries in order to compile the rankings, taking into account manpower, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistics, finances and geography covered. They measure 40 different stats about a country, including number of aircraft carriers, available manpower, and labor force, to produce a Power Index, in which lower numbers equal more firepower. (Check the latest ranking of militaries)

World’s 5th biggest armed force, Pakistan army is not in the ranking. What’s the reason? I don’t know. Anyway, check out the world’s top 10 most powerful militaries, with some accompanying stats. You may also like to see the list of Top 10 Countries with Strongest Armies.

10. Brazil.


Power Index: 0.6912
Defense Budget: $31,576,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 371,199
Labor Force: 104,700,000
Total Aircraft: 822
Total Naval Strength: 106

9. Italy.


Power Index: 0.6838
Defense Budget: $31,946,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 293,202
Labor Force: 25,080,000
Total Aircraft: 770
Total Naval Strength: 179

8. South Korea.


Power Index: 0.6547
Defense Budget: $28,280,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 653,000
Labor Force: 25,100,000
Total Aircraft: 871
Total Naval Strength: 190

7. Germany.


Power Index: 0.6491
Defense Budget: $43,478,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 148,996
Labor Force: 43,620,000
Total Aircraft: 925
Total Naval Strength: 67

6. France.


Power Index: 0.6163
Defense Budget: $58,244,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 362,485
Labor Force: 29,610,000
Total Aircraft: 544
Total Naval Strength: 180

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