Top 10 Weird Vehicles From The 20th Century



Over the years, carmakers have tinkered with the design of cars to come up with the perfect motor vehicle. This often results in totally bizarre vehicles that would leave the average person more surprised than ever.

1.Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine


Back in the 1960s, the US Army launched a project to create an all-terrain vehicle that could transport men and equipment over extreme terrains. The result was the pedipulator, a bizarre four-legged vehicle that walked rather than drove.



The Dynasphere was a single-wheeled vehicle invented in 1930 by John Archibald Purves. It was called a Dynasphere because it was built like a sphere with its sides cut off, which made it look like a huge moving tire with a driver. The vehicle was 3 meters (10 ft) wide.

3.Constantini Motor Skates


Constantini motor skates were invented in the early 20th century by M. Constantini. They looked and operated like normal roller skates except that each skate had a 1.5-horsepower engine, battery, fuel tank, and ignition.

4.Ford Soybean Car


Henry Ford was so interested in using plants, especially soybeans, in motor vehicle production that he built a laboratory dedicated to soybean research. At first, he used soybeans to make parts for his cars, but then he decided to make an entire car out of soybeans. Although the car did have a steel frame, it was covered with plastic that was made from a mixture of soybeans, wheat, hemp, and other plants.

5.Tucker Car


Famously called the “Tucker Torpedo,” the Tucker car was made just after World War II by policeman-turned-carmaker Preston Tucker. It had several previously unseen features including a windshield that ejected during an accident, a third headlight that turned in the direction that the car turned, and a sleek design that made it look like the car was moving even when it was parked.

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