Top 5 Foods To Prevent Hair Loss In Men & Women



The cells that support strong, healthy hair shafts depend on a balanced diet, just like every other parts of our organism.

If you follow a unbalanced diet, you may not notice the negative effects on your hair right away.


It can take much longer to notice positive or negative changes.
• In just 7 days with a bad diet, this can develop acne flare-ups;
• In just some days you can notice a very sallow skin but
• It can take up to 30 days or more of nutritional deficiency and junk food, for the effects to really show up and be evident on your hair.

The nutrients you eat today help the hair follicle stay vibrant and strong.Yes, of course there are other factors connected with your hair’s health and there’s more to it than your diet.

If you smoke excessively for example, or if you don’t sleep well and may you have some be hormonal imbalances, well your hair will still be in trouble, and have a tendency to fall out.


If the micro blood flow to your hair follicles diminuishes, well you can’t really help your hair, unless you do the necessary vasodilation of the capillaries that permit the blood to reach the roots and follicles.

But if you eat a balanced, varied, protein-rich diet based on the foods mentioned in the video and in this article, you’ll be giving your hair the exact nutrition it needs to be healthy.

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