Tour Walk Through-2017 Adria Alpina Missouri Luxurious Caravan



The Alpina has superseded the Astella range and offers two models, the fixed island bed Alpina Missouri and the fixed twin bed Alpina Colorado.Both are Al-Ko’s premium Delta chassis


Alpinas have sprung mattresses, and lounge seating of high quality foam. They have corner headrests, and triple front windows leading up into an over-lounge panoramic skylight. Top lockers are concave and finished in white gloss.


The Alpina’s interior takes glamour to the next level, with a large multi-functional lounge to the front, a spacious prestige kitchen and a luxurious bedroom with twin of double bed layouts available.


The innovative interior design features concave overhead cupboards which give more space for storage and more room for living.

The caravan has the latest Alde wet central heating system with touch screen control panel.