Two Incredible Cars Racing On Ice!Ferrari FF Vs. Bentley



Ferrari or Bentley, which do you think wins here?
If you think car racing is interesting, this one will be even more fun.
It is like seeing Formula 1 on an ice track racing. The presenter of Top Gear tries to show the skills behind one of these cars. But you have to take a driver to do this job better.
In one hand is Ferrari FF. You can’t relax if you are in this car.

All you have to do is drive in high speed.
On the other hand is Bentley Continental V8. This car has so much settings, so you don’t have much to do.
But on an ice road, things mind turn out surprisingly. Ferrari is a fast car, although it doesn’t have capability to manage a situation like this. Instead  Bentley win the race with some seconds in advance.
At the end the presenter made his choice.
What about you? Which one would you choose? Tell us in comments and share the link if you liked it.

via youtube