Two Mummies Of Aliens Discovered In The Desert Of The South Of Perú



An Alien-like skull has just been found in a cave in Southern Peru and researchers, and author Brien Foerster tells more about the bizarre alien-like skull.


Tests are being carried out on this bizarre skull-like object which was found in a cave in the Peruvian desert, it’s being claimed.


While easily dismissed as a hoax, the peculiar object has created an online debate where people are trying to figure out –without even seeing the alien-like skull in person— if or it is real.


There is encrusted material, likely fine clay which is a common component in the desert sand of the Peruvian coast in the mouth, nostrils and eyelids of the specimen.Clearly it should be taken to a physician and/or veterinarian for professional examination.

Thierry Jamin say: Well, for me, it was truly a total surprise to discover these remains that obviously do not look human.


I’ve done archaeological research for almost 20 years, I’ve studied a lot of Inca mummies, from other cultures like Paracas and Nazca, and what I’ve seen here seems alien, it seems to come from another world.