Two Women Drink Helium Infused Wine For First Time And The Results are Hilarious



Drunk antics provide funny stories all their own, so we can’t imagine what will happen once you combine inebriation with the satisfying pleasure of high pitched comedy. Combining tipsy drinkers with the hilarity of helium voices opens the door for a whole new level of hilarity.Imagine bringing a bottle of this concoction to your next function, reenacting scenes with your friends that look a lot like what is portrayed in this video.

These two women, who seem skeptical of the elixir’s effective nature, knock back a solid glass of the helium infused wine, ready to test out the results. After a fit of laughter at the absurdity of the sound of their voices, the duo immediately break out in song, in surprisingly on-key tune.

Two Women Drink Helium Infused Wine

The friendly duo even breaks out the infamous whip and nae nae dance that has taken the internet by storm, adding a new form of hilarity with the high pitched voices. The song and dance combo may be overdone as far as viral videos are concerned, but giving this new spin to the fad gives it a breath of fresh air.Have you tried this helium infused wine yet? We’re ordering a crate to bring to our next party!