UFO Being Towed On Flatbed And Police Escorted On Its Way To Area 51



The picture, that appears to show a covered flying saucer-shaped object on the back of an HGV, went viral on social media.


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It was after Charlene Yazzie snapped it when she could not believe her eyes after spotting the bizarre wide load being driven in the opposite direction on Arizona State Route 77, near Holbrook in Arizona, escorted by black Department of Public Safety (DPS) vehicles.

She said she was compelled to take a picture.

She said: “I was driving north and the truck was headed south to the freeway.


The DPS responded with a cryptic comment over the mysterious sighting

“It was escorted by three DPS vehicles”.

In her photo the large saucer-shaped object is covered in tarpaulin and sat on the back of a flatbed semi-hauler.

She posted the photo on Facebook and speculation was rife.


The image went viral on social media

One person wrote simply: “UFO,” while another put: “ET came home.”

Some conspiracy theorists are convinced world leaders communicate with aliens behind the public’s back and keep it top secret amid fears over the potential effect the man in the street knowing we are not alone would have on religion and the rule of law.

The response from the Arizona Department of Public Safety to wdam has got them convinced it is a clever double bluff to avoid admitting they have been rumbled.

In a statement the department said: “UnFOrtunately we do not know what that is but it looks interesting.

“We will keep looking for an explanation. Until then, what do YOU think?”

Conspiracy king Scott C Waring is among these and convinced it was a flying saucer being taken to the top secret Area 51 military base in the Nevada Desert, which the US only officially admitted existed in 2013.

Area 51 is about 250 miles from where the unusual loads was seen.

Mr Waring said: “This could be some of the alien tech being moved out of Area S4, part of Area 51.

“This looks like one of this secret projects, there are black vehicles behind it.”