Unbelievable Color Changing Car PRANK..! It Confuses People



Extravagant and colorful looking games autos are regular head-turners. On the off chance that you’ve strolled through a full parking garage or crossed a bustling road, it’s hard not to get diverted by a cutting edge auto with a brilliant paint job.

Color Changing Car

This case was something else. At the point when these individuals went over a splendidly shaded Subaru WRX stopped in the road, the auto normally got their attention. Be that as it may, when the auto’s brilliant blue paint work abruptly changed to a shade of green, individuals needed to rub their eyes. The change was abrupt to the point that one lady even dropped her assets, while a kid needed to put on his glasses to ensure he wasn’t seeing things. At the push of a catch, the pranksters could change the shade of the auto’s paint work. That being said, we couldn’t discover a clarification for how they did it. We can’t clarify this procedure nor confirm it, yet what do you think?