Unexplained Creatures Caught On Trail Cams



This guy was fed up with poachers trespassing on his land.

People taking from you and stealing what is rightfully yours is a huge frustration that causes one to experience full on anger and thoughts of revenge enter your mind. In order to get that revenge you need to know who you are dealing with. With all the technology nowadays, finding out exactly who’s to blame is not that hard. This guy used a trail cam to do just that.

A trail cam works by activating itself as soon as someone enters its line of sight. It then captures an image. Trail cams are often used by nature photographers who want to capture a rare sighting of an animal which they normally would not be able to get close to.

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But this guy was after the trespassers and he figured a trail cam would work perfectly to identify them. The only thing he had previously seen were strange lights in the area. Poachers with flashlights no doubt. This would once and for all identify them.

When the guy goes to review his footage the next day, he views something he never would have expected, and you are about to view it as well. It was not a poacher with a flashlight, it was a strange glowing figure that resembled a fairy looking thing or an angel of some sort holding a wand.

And this video has other odd trail cam footage as well like a demonic looking beast who is chasing after a deer, or the seemingly ghost of a child which even the deer can hardly believe he’s seeing!

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