Vladimir Putin Is An Immortal Who Hasn’t Changed In 100 Years



Fans of the Russian President Vladimir Putin have always known there is something special about the man they admire, but convincing skeptics like you and me has been the obstacle to the worldwide growth and expansion of the Cult of Putin.

 But now Putin’s fans may have stumbled on evidence sufficient to prove that their swaggering hero is a mythical time-travelling super-being hundreds or maybe even thousands of years of old.

Recently, conspiracy theorists began circulating on social networks photos of Putin purportedly taken nearly a hundred years ago. The first photo, reportedly taken in 1920, shows the Russian strongman in a military uniform. The second photo, purportedly taken in 1941, also shows Putin as a decorated military pilot.

The latest photographic evidence — according to conspiracy theorists — adds to mounting evidence that Putin is an immortal being who has lived for centuries. Despite having lived over the centuries playing prominent roles in history, he has managed to avoid drawing attention to the fact of his immortality by assuming several guises.


Putin admirers have also presented “concrete” evidence on social media that the Russian president may have lived in 1500s, during the Italian Renaissance.

Putin’s signature mocking expression lurks behind the enigmatic smile on the face of the world famous Mona Lisa by the Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci, now housed at the Louvre in Paris.


Putin fans say there is evidence their hero also lived as in the 18th century and later in the 19th century as a Greek general (see photographic proof below)



The immortal Putin posed for other great painters such as the Dutch artist Jan van Eyck and the painter MC Esher (see photographic proof below.

According to Putin fans and conspiracy theorists, the world missed the hidden significance of Putin’s participation in the recent march of the so-called “Immortal Regiment Moscow” to honor veterans of Russia’s “Great Patriotic War” that ended in victory over Nazi Germany.

Putin joined the march as an “immortal” carrying a portrait of his father (cough… cough) who also fought the Nazis during World War II.

via inquisitr