Weird Skeletons Found In The Basement Of An Old London House !!



Back 1960 a demolition crew was tasked with clearing and pulling down a long-abandoned mansion formerly owned by a gentleman called Thomas Merrylin. A new modern residential quarter would take its place once the original building and its foundations had been removed.


Thomas Merrylin was born into an aristocratic family in London in 1782. Later becoming a highly respected Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno-Archeologist. To say he a fascination with the dead and unusual is putting it mildly.


But before the demolition could begin, builders ventured into the property one last time. Deep down in the basement, they discovered one of the strangest collection of items in recent history.


Weird Skeletons Found In The Basement..

Tucked away inside the dusty basement were several thousand small wooden boxes, each tightly sealed. One by one, each box revealed the remains and bodies of all kinds of creepy monsters and supernatural beings that seemed to exist only in the darkest of fairy tales.


Merlin’s passion for esoteric natural history had seem him travel to some of the most unusual and strangest corners of the world searching for and documenting odd artifacts and unknown species of animals and plants.


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