Weirdest Hotels In The World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist



For the intrepid, quirky and adventurous traveler, the flower-quilted double bed and lacquered furniture of a typical hotel room is just plain boring.

These hotels are so bizarre and weird that you are going to need to see them in person to believe like huge beagle or hobbit hotels.

Here are the world’s 16 strangest hotels you won’t believe actually exist..

1. The Icehotel


Sweden’s hotel game is seriously strong, first the Treehotel and now this.This hotel is located in a village in Sweden, whose name I’m not even going to try to pronounce because I will definitely end up butchering it and I don’t want to anger any Swedish viewers.

What’s pretty interesting about this hotel is that, like the name suggests, it’s entirely made out of ice, from the walls to the bed you sleep in.


2. The Crane Hotel


This hotel is located in Harlingen in The Netherlands and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re brave enough and not completely terrified of heights, should you choose to stay here, then you’ll be staying in a room that is suspended 150 feet in the air…by a crane! Once guests are inside, they’re able to rotate the room 360 degrees and get a nice panorama shot of their view.

3. No Man’s Fort


This hotel, located near the coast of Portsmouth, wasn’t actually intended to be a hotel but it was initially a naval fortress. It was built by the British in order to keep the French from invading their shores and the irony is that it was completed after the British and French armies made a truce. The hotel is able to hold 200 guests and they’re treated to a complete itinerary that has plenty of activities to keep them busy. I mean I guess you kind of have to since you’re guests are technically stranded on a rock.

4. The Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria


This next hotel might not be for everyone, considering what the rooms are made of. The rooms are built from old concrete sewage pipes, obviously cleaned, and they sit near the bank of the Danube river, which is the second largest river in Europe. The rooms are fairly small considering only a bed fits inside, but I guess this is more for the minimalist at heart.

5. The Strawberry Roan Horsebox


This little “hotel” was converted from a horse trailer and is now a cozy one room glamping, the words glamorous and camping combined, experience. Inside you’ll find a king-sized bed along with a wood burner and a private bathroom that’s located in the pony trailer next door. You can also expect to be given baked goods by the owners while you’re there.