What Does Your Teeth Saying Your Personality?



The Chinese as well as the Hindu astrology believe ones teeth able to tell a lot about the person. Your ‘teeth’ can tell a lot about you and…

Square, oval, rectangular, and triangular shaped teeth may determine if you are calm or energetic, shy or care free. Get out a mirror and check your own teeth and see if they can tell you anything about who you are!

1/ Square Teeth



If your teeth tend to be more square shaped, you may be a calm person. You can control your emotions and are a typically objective person

2/ Oval Teeth


If you have oval shaped teeth you are described as shy and sensitive. You are also organized and artistic.

3/ Triangular Teeth


If you’re flaunting triangle-shaped teeth, you have a dynamic personality. You live your life carefree and with lots of joy. You are optimistic and imaginative.

4/ Rectangular Teeth


If you have rectangle-shaped teeth, you are energetic and a strong decision maker. You are solution-oriented, practical, and good at planning.

credit (WittyFeed)