What Happens To You Just Before You Die?



Have you ever asked yourself – What is really happening to us in the moment of death? In case you have, do not worry it is not weird because there is no person that never actually thought of that. There are many rumors and beliefs about this topic, but experts found out the real answer to that question. The American Society of Chemists is compering the feeling before death with the feeling when you watch a very scary horror movie because they found out that the brain react the same in both ways.


We all have wondered this at this point. Death and life have been widely researched and thought upon concepts since, well, the beginning of everything. The American Society of Chemists has come up with an interesting theory. They have compared the feeling before death with the feeling when you watch a very scary horror movie because they found out that the brain reacts the same in both ways.

Fear is not our enemy. The emotion is a way of our senses and brain warning us about potential dangers. This is an evolutionary advantage, as generation after generation of beings have learnt what to fear by witnessing dangerous factors. That’s how we know not to try something stupid.


The part of the brain called the thalamus is very sensitive to stress and with further chemical reaction in the brain we come to a state of ‘’flight’’ or ‘’fight’’ for what we would like to thank the hypothalamus. During the “fight or flight” mode we’re hyperactive and our nerves go haywire. This makes us quick on the feet to save ourselves.


What is an adrenaline rush? Well the hypothalamus stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete adrenaline in order to prepare your body for action. The adrenaline continues to the liver and the secretion of sugar in the blood will be stimulated. Just like in the horror movies, we might start screaming.

(Interestingly, screams are not perceived by the same part of the brain as speech. Moreover, when we hear someone screaming, it actually goes from our ears directly to the part of the brain called amygdala.)

Now imagine that you are in the horror movie and someone is chasing you with axe to kill you, and the screaming is not helping you. What you will feel now? If the killer catches you and stabs you with the axe you will feel pain but not the same pain as you are used to. This kind of pain will send a message to the brain that something really bad happened and that it should not be repeated.

The killer stabs you in the neck with the axe and the first thing that will happen is that your heart will stop working and you will eventually stop breathing too (clinical death). It is now that your brain is on overdrive. It works like never before and that is actually why some people say that they saw the light or some other strange things and hallucinations, or that they had met up with their loved ones (the people who survived clinical death).

credit (neopress.in)