What Rubbing An Onion On Your Hand Can Do For You?



Never mind the tears, and the trouble to slice or chop them up, our dishes are incomplete without onions. However, they not just make our food tastier but can also turn out to be magical when it comes to curing burns and insect bites. It comes under the category of those amazing ingredients of dadi ke nuskhe, you see. Check them out below:

1. Burns

Just cut an onion bulb into half and rub it on the burned area. Its juice will not only alleviate the pain but will also prevent scarring and reduce the risk of infection.


2. Detox

Onions can absorb bacteria. Therefore, leaving sliced onions around any place can help prevent infections and other air-borne diseases from spreading.


3. Insect bites

Cut an onion into half and apply it on the bitten area. It will reduce the pain and swelling by drawing out the poison.


4. Earache

Not only burns and bug bites, you can also cure an earache by placing an onion core in the ear canal overnight. It will soften the wax buildup in your ear and will also reduce the pain.


Onion health benefits

5. Fever

If you’re body is fuming with a fever, keep onion slices in your socks while you sleep. It will do wonders for you.


6. Sore throat

 Onion peels boiled in hot water can soothe your sore throat. This onion tea is all you need when you are suffering from inflammation in your throat.


7. Splinters

Have an irritating splinter? Just tape a raw piece of onion on it, hold it for about an hour and voila, you are free from that splinter.


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