What The Shape Of Your Chin Reveals About Your Personality



One way to know the person’s personality traits is by looking at their face. Although you cannot really judge people according to their appearance, some people believe that the face could give insights about a certain individual. In Chinese face reading, the chin could also give clues about the characteristics of a person.

Below, you will learn what the shape of your chin means and what does it say about you.

Square Chin



These people are oftehn stubborn to a fault. People with square chins are aggressive and direct. They are not good at expressing themselves or sugarcoating their words, thus may offend people easily and difficult to capture the hearts of the opposite gender. They also have high pride and like to save face.

Short Or Narrow Chin



People with this type of chin are sharp-minded and intellectual, but a little bit neurotic, critical and not good at self-introspection.

Protruding Chin



If the chin is protruding as we see from the side, it indicates someone who is self-confident and workaholic. They are warm on the inside and cold on the outside.

Round Chin



People with rounded chins are deeply emotional and optimistic. As the old Chinese sayings, they might have to work hard in earlier life, but they can enjoy good happiness in later life.

Long Chin



Long chin belongs to people who are loyal, easygoing and make friends easily. They are blessed to have a big happy family with many grandchildren and lead a peaceful life.

Receding Chin



Receding chin are like no chin, and those with receding chins are easygoing, popular and have good money luck, but unfortunately they are indecisive.

credit (overpow.com)