What’s Hiding On The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles Is More Important Than You Ever Realized



You’ve probably noticed that a lot of your household items have strange markings on the side or underneath their labels. For the most part, you can get through life without worrying about it, but ignoring some of them can have serious consequences.

Everyone’s seen the number system on the bottom of plastic containers, from bottles of water to cleaning detergent, but do you actually know what they mean? The answers just might surprise you.

1.Take a look at the bottom of your plastic bottles. There’s a recycle symbol with a number in it. If you spot a number 1, odds are you’re drinking a soda or some water. These bottles are safe to reuse, but they can breed bacteria too, so be mindful. 


2.Bottles with the number 2 are great if you’re looking for bottles to reuse as they are less likely to leech plastic than other numbers. These typically include milk jugs and juice bottles.


3.Number 3 is not normally accepted at curbside service because these plastics contain DEHA, a toxic material. Research special recycling centers in your area to dispose of these. They are usually soap bottles, clear oil bottles, and old cables and wires.


4.Number 4 is the safest plastic around and can be reused multiple times without breaking down and leeching into your liquids or skin. It’s usually found in plastic bags, dry cleaning bags, and sandwich wraps.

What’s Hiding On The Bottom Of Plastic Bottles


5.Number 5 is used in food and medicine containers like ketchup bottles and straws. It’s totally safe to reuse.


6. Commonly found in takeaway containers, eggs containers, and disposable plates, number six plastics are not safe to reuse. They become even more dangerous if they are heated. 


7. Usually found on larger water bottles and even some baby bottles, number 7 plastics should never be reused. They contain BPA which can lead to infertility. 


There’s a lot more to this than we thought. I’ve always wondered about these numbers, but I never thought it would be an issue of real safety.

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