What’s Wrong With Our Society,What Have We Become?



In my perspective, we require an extraordinary movement in our awareness and considerations towards ourselves and our reality. We can perceive and see the “issues” around us, yet perceiving the answer for them is regularly a test. Is it totally physical? Do we have to alter our opinions and view of things?

Thought-provoking 5 minutes on the state of the world from the late, great Alan Watts, a man far ahead of his time.

What is Wrong With Our Culture

With such a large number of splendid thoughts out there that appear to keep on getting stifled and constrained, one needs to ponder regardless of whether the world just isn’t prepared for such a shift yet.

By this I mean, perhaps all in all there aren’t sufficient of us who are prepared for such exceptional changes – possibly, unwittingly we are keeping those progressions down. There is probably there is a force structure out there that is additionally smothering things, yet what is permitting and supporting that force structure to be that path in any case? Is it maybe us?