Who Put This 2-Mile Long Drawing In The Australian Desert?



In June 1998 Trevor Wright, a pilot, was on a routine flight over the red desert of the Australian outback when he came across something completely unexpected.


Wright looked down to see a strange shape carved into the ground below him: a human figure with a bird’s head.


Shortly after its discovery, the site was closed by the South Australian government following legal action taken in late July by Native Title Claimants but, as of 2010, flights were still allowed over the site as Native title falls under federal government jurisdiction.


Bardius Goldberg, a Northern Territory artist who died in 2002 and lived at Alice Springs, has been suggested as the creator of the work.


Goldberg, who was known to be interested in creating a work visible from space, refused to either confirm or deny that he had created the image when questioned.

The giant figure of an Aboriginal man — the second biggest geoglyph recorded — had all but faded away as rain, wind and growth took its toll in the years after the astonishing figure’s discovery in 1998.

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