Why You Should Never Ever Mess With Nature



I am such a firm believer that when you are in their territory, animals are in control and that’s when animals attack.  If you are in the rain forest, be afraid of the wild birds. If you are in the mountains, bears are in charge, whether you agree or not. A few years ago, my family and I decided to move into a cabin in the mountains. It was one of the most amazing places I had ever lived, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. I’ll never forget though when a neighbor knocked on our door to let us know there was a baby brown bear wandering our little neighborhood. Since we had just moved in, they advised us not to call animal control and what to do in case we came face to face with it.

1. Privateness Please!


2. I do not agree with that statement.


3. Rock-A-Bye Baby!


Never Mess With Nature.

4. At least the bad guys will be taken care of.


5. I would take that as a very sincere warning!


6. Come on guys, there has to be food in here somewhere.


credit (sliptalk.com)

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