Witness The Construction Process Of A 600 Million Dollar Cruise Ship ‘AIDAprima’



AidaPrima is a cruise ship that has a capacity of 3,300 passengers and 900 crew members; it is 300 meters long and weighs a hefty 124,000 tons. It seems incredible, that we are actually talking about a floating facility!

Its construction by the Japanese Mitsubishi Shipbuilding company at the MitsubishiKobe Shipyard lasted 5 years and not a few incidents have marked its history- including a fire that delayed its christening on 7 May 2016 in Hamburg, Germany during the 827th Hamburg Port Anniversary!

AIDAprima Cruise Ship

Four MKtimelapse camera systems were recording non-stop at the Koyagi Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to deliver the world’s first cinematic quality time lapse film of a full cruise ship build.

How does such a ship come to life? We can show you in eight fascinating minutes!

credit (wtvideo.com)