Wokart The Ultimate Go-Kart For The Water



The Wokart is a featherweight asymmetric catamaran with a centrally-located 70 hp outboard motor that’s designed to have the driving characteristics and low power-to-weight of a go-kart.

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In a word, revolutionary, the first patented designer watercraft in the world with a mid mounted outboard engine.

Fast, responsive, agile and fun through the combination of motoring [Go Kart], boating and never seen before innovations like the mid mounted engine which provides class leading high speed 90° turns.


The patented WoKart has a unique asymmetric catamaran layout designed by Dr. Albert Nazarov. WoKart transforms water into roads and gives the feeling of driving on water, even in areas where Jet craft are no longer permitted.

Indeed, Wokart designer Dr. Theo Christen delights in regaling tales of “boaties” across the world identifying him as a marine “outsider” based on the simple premise that if he were an insider, constrained by traditional marine design thinking, he couldn’t have come up with the concept in the first place.