Woman claims McDonald’s Happy Meal bought in 2010 hasn’t spoiled



Jennifer Lovdahl, a chiropractor living in Alaska, USA, claims she bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal way back in January 2010. Instead of eating it, she kept it in her clinic, to show her patients how unhealthy it is.


Real food vs. fast food


When you buy fruits and vegetables, they rot in a few days, or at the most in a few weeks. For this Happy Meal to last six years means it is made with so many chemicals and preservatives that it is not real food anymore.

This isn’t the first time!


A man named David Whipple wanted to prove to his friends that a burger was loaded with so many preservatives that it wouldn’t rot even after a whole month. However, he put the paper bag with the burger in his jacket and left it in the trunk of his car, and forgot all about it. His wife discovered it two years later, and the burger was exactly the same as the day he had bought it! Whipple decided to continue the experiment, so he kept the burger. 14 years later, it was still exactly the same!

Is it really chemicals or is this normal?

While some people claim that this happens because the burger dries up, and that it would happen to any burger regardless of whether it is purchased from a fast food joint or made at home, the fact that the fries and nuggets don’t go bad either makes us a little sceptical about this claim.

via viralsection