World’s Most Expressive Lifelike Animatronic Humanoid Robotic AI Head



Garner Holt Productions, Inc.’s (GHP) expressive emotions animatronic figure is the most advanced humanoid robotic head ever created.

source/image: Garner Holt Productions, Inc.

The figure utilizes theme park quality construction to accomplish incredible special effects movement in a robotic or animatronic human platform.

Created by Garner Holt Productions, one of the world leaders in animatronics, a photo-realistic rendition combines 40 unique motions, 1,000 “animation frames” per second, and some amazingly realistic synthetic skin.


The results are facial expressions so lifelike they could happily fit in among the robots of Westworld.If animatronics are so insanely good these days, why do so many Hollywood blockbusters still insist on serving up unconvincingly weightless CGI effects.