You Can Own This Self-Sustaining Island For $8.5 Million



If you wish to have your own island, just like Johnny Depp or Leonardo Di Caprio and if you think you have enough moolah to support that, this 1.37-acre paradise in the Florida Keys may be yours!


This self-sustaining property will give you a chance to chill like a true boss.


This is located ¼ mile off the Atlantic shore near the city of Marathon. East Sister Rock Island offers more than 5,000 square feet of living area. This four-bedroom house is constructed in Bahamian style. The total property is constructed on a coral reef. The house sports a massive veranda that stretches to almost 3,000 square feet.


The house is having an open kitchen, a dining area, and entertainment center. The most attractive part of the house is its powering arrangements. It is fully powered by solar and wind energy. You can approach this house either via helicopter or by boat. There is a helipad and a boat dock constructed separately.


For unknown reasons, this attractive property is in and out of the market since 2011.

The original listed price was $12 million but, the current price is $8.5 million ever since it was returned to the market during mid-December, 2015.

East Sister Rock Island