Zoo Turns The Tables: Puts Humans In Cages Instead Of Animals



Zoos seem like pretty standard places. Humans wander around and look at animals in cages. But, not anymore. At the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Congqing, China, zoo visitors are placed in a cage and the animals come to them, and the fresh bits of meat outside of the cage car!  They can even hand feed the animals, who are closer than ever.


The car cage drives around the animal’s enclosure, with the humans inside the cage at all times for a change of pace.

fgnfgn-minThey get the full thrill of the animals “hunting” them, without being in any danger.


Zoo Puts Humans In Cages …

People who went inside the cages were asked to keep their fingers inside because of possible animal attacks and trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before!


Imagine being surrounded by a pack of fierce and massive hunting cats, you can see them up close, but you’re safe, unharmed and completely amazed! Many people who went to this zoo were thrilled to be inside the cages, being able to see these massive beautiful animals.

I don’t know about you, but if this happened to me, I’d faint!


It looks like the animals are observing the humans just as much as the humans are looking at the animals! Wow, right? Those of us who’re okay t be so close to these fierce creatures, it’s okay, but people like me, it would take us some time to adjust to the fact that if we were out, we were lunch! Would you go to this zoo if you could? How would you keep your cool? Let us know and share away, people!