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‪Superhuman Filipino Diver Goes Abou 20 Metres Underwater For 5 Minutes,Walks On The Sea Floor To Catch Fish

Deep sea hunting is something you have to see to believe – in the video above, an Filipino hunter swims to a depth of 65 feet, and stays there for just under three minutes. Other dives can send them underwater for up to five minutes. This man descend 20meters (65feet) to sea floor, hearts slows down to 30beats per minute, squezzes its lung to 1/3 of its initial volume.

image/text credit:  Panda

Even without weights he is negatively bouyant enough to strive across the bottom of the sea as if like hunting on land, 2 1/2 minutes of hunting under pressure. He can still manage to stay as long as 5 minutes! – indeed a superhuman.This man from the Badjao tribe has the potential to win our country a gold medal in the olympic games.

Armed with nothing more than his trunks, a pair of goggles and a spear gun, this hunter scours the seabed for his catch – staying underwater as long as it takes to catch what he needs.



They live on houseboats or in stilt houses off the shores. So much of their time is spent in the water, they often feel landsick when they are on dry land.Because of the pressure from diving, these divers will intentionally rupture their eardrums at an early age – which essentially makes them partially deaf, a high price to pay for ensuring a good catch. The deep dives even change their eye muscles increasing their underwater eyesight.