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10 Carnivorous Plants That Eats Animals & Insects

Many of you have definitely heard about predator plants. Those who hear about them for the first time will probably say that it is just another stupid joke. But, dear friends, we are not kidding you, they really exist! According to various reports, there are more than 600 species of predatory plants. And is not because life is a bed of roses.These plants have evolved this way because the live in a habitat with not enough nutrients.

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Therefore, they have to hunt in order to compensate the lack of energy. They receive missing elements from caught insects and other small animals. Each plant uses its own cunning traps to catch unsuspecting victims.

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True carnivory is thought to have evolved independently nine times in five different orders of flowering plants,and is represented by more than a dozen genera. This classification includes at least 583 species that attract, trap and kill prey, absorbing the resulting available nutrients.


Additionally, over 300 protocarnivorous plant species in several genera show some but not all of these characteristics.The simplest pitcher plants are probably those of Heliamphora, the marsh pitcher plant.

In this video you will learn about 10 of the most popular bloodthirsty carnivorous plants and the way they hunt.

In this genus, the traps are clearly derived from a simple rolled leaf whose margins have sealed together. These plants live in areas of high rainfall in South America such as Mount Roraima and consequently have a problem ensuring their pitchers do not overflow.