Home Technology 108CC “Frankenstein” Stihl Cylinder Motor for Motorized Bicycles – 60MPH+

108CC “Frankenstein” Stihl Cylinder Motor for Motorized Bicycles – 60MPH+

This motor was created by Scuttle Bucket Bikes (Ken Hinson). This motor has a USA made case reed billet bottom end, 56mm Stihl cylinder(MS660), racing bearings, balanced crank, and trued.

source/image(PrtSc): mayiandjay

The frame is Grubee Skyhawk Aluminum Motorized Bicycle Frame. Its Ideal for use with 2 stroke engine kits. Use with heavy-duty disc brake axle for single or multi speed sprockets.Watch the video from mayiandjay for more info:

Cool and clean brushed aluminum finish. Compatible with both caliper and disc brakes and can accommodate up to 2.25″ wide tires with enlarged 150mm wide rear dropout area. The tires are Alta Bicycle Tire Duro 26 x 2.125.


The heavy duty frame designed specifically for gas engine applications 6069 aluminum construction with built in 2.4L gas tank – no rusting! 38mm curved “cruiser” type downtube, 70 degree angle V-framePedestal front mount allows fitting for 2-Stroke engines with either 40mm or 50mm front mount stud spacing.