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12 Meter Unidentified Floating Disc Concept


Unidentified Floating Object 2.0 meters is futuristic fiberglass floating structure.With a total surface of 314 sq. m and spanning twenty meters in diameter, the luxurious houseboat coming straight out of a sci-fi movie. The floating disc uses various systems to take advantage of all natural elements.

source/image(PrtSc): Lazzarini Design

The UFO features half-spherical shells as passenger compartments, which are divided by a floating disc that doubles as a sundeck. The Jet Capsule team is well-known for the innovative thinking and revolutionary ideas.

They bring a fresh new design to the water vehicles market with capsule styled water taxis and floating homes.Standing for unidentified floating object, the saucer-like unit is an energy autonomous vessel capable of estimated speeds of up to three knots 3.5mph.


UFO’s interior consists of a living/dining area on 20 sqm on the upper level plus 10 sqm bathroom/bedroom on the lower level. The large window surfaces on the lower level make you feel like living in your own aquarium./ lazzarinidesignstudio

VIALazzarini Design
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