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1/3 Scale Darjeeling Himalayan Railway B-Class Steam Locomotive

This beautiful locomotive was built by John Heald of Rotorua, New Zealand.In this video we take the B-Class out for a typical day at the track, including a sequence of loading the engine onto a custom made trailer towed behind a Honda Jazz (Fit) with CVT.

image/text credit: CaptainHarlock999

Then it’s off to the beautiful River Edge Park Railway in Whakatane, New Zealand. We also take a look at stability of this remarkable locomotive under high speeds using on board cameras. Special adjustable Danly coil springs prevent the locomotive from porpoising; the leaf springs are dummy and just for show.more info (modelengineering).

The model is based off of B-Class engine no. 777 currently at the railway museum in Delhi, India. It is modelled in the period just after the DHR was taken over in 1952 by the North East Frontier Railway (part of Indian National Railways).


The engine features the intermediate ‘fencing’ on the coal bin and sand boxes converted to tool boxes. The Sharp Stewart drawings are in 1 1/2″ scale. To scale up to approximately 4″ scale, direct measurements on the drawing were multiplied by 2.65, also taking into account printed full size dimensions for checking.