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1600hp 1940’s Packard Royal With PT Boat Engine

We loved seeing this monster so much that we had to bring it back for another look.If there’s one vehicle that shook the Monterey Car Week in California to its core -literally- it would have to be this 1,600-horsepower beast.

The Packard Royal, as the mega-car is called, is 30-feet long and was built around a gigantic engine that came out of a World War II-era PT boat, says its creator, Rodney Rucker of Winslow, Ariz. Firing it up in a parking lot at a hotel here, the engine roared and fire belched from the pipes.

With the 30-foot size of a truck, this polished aluminum-clad custom Packard Royal V-12 Streamliner Roadster is a supercharged marvel that consistently stops people in their tracks with its imposing style, design, display and power.


This “little roadster” weighs in at just over 13,200-lbs and measures 31-ft, 6-in in length. The supercharged 2500cc V-12 Packard Royal Streamliner engine is massive in size, and comes out of a World War II era PT boat from the 1940s.