Home WORLD 170 Sprinter 3500 XD 4×4 Dually Camper Van

170 Sprinter 3500 XD 4×4 Dually Camper Van


Join Dan as he gives us an exclusive tour of his custom-built 170 Sprinter 3500 XD Dually, designed for ultimate adventure and exploration. Witness how his passion for nature and efficient design has transformed this van into a perfect blend of practicality and comfort, making it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Dan’s kitchen is a testament to his attention to detail, featuring a 40-gallon water tank for extended trips, an induction burner, and a compact fridge-freezer combo. The extra water storage means less worry about fresh supplies, a trade-off Dan finds absolutely worthwhile.

The lounge doubles as a bedroom, featuring convertible bench seats and ample space for social gatherings or relaxation. Dan emphasizes the importance of a modular design, allowing for flexibility and comfort in a compact living space.The roof deck serves as a multifunctional area, offering storage space and a spot to enjoy panoramic views. The solar panels are strategically placed to maximize energy capture, supporting Dan’s sustainable travel lifestyle.


Powering his adventures is a robust electrical system, including over 200 watts of solar panels and a lithium battery setup. The inclusion of extra power outlets ensures that energy is always within reach, no matter where Dan’s travels take him.On the exterior, Dan has outfitted his van with an external shower and a Cruise Comfort AC unit, ensuring comfort in all weather conditions. The external shower, in particular, is perfect for quick clean-ups after outdoor activities.