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1887 World’s First Plug-In Motor Still Works As New

Sharing the first appliance motor ever manufactured: it was made primarily for the tailor, to run his shop’s sewing machine,or you could attach an optional fan blade for the first ever plug-in electric fan (it had no safety cage).

image/text credit: pandolin1

It was originally intended for Edison’s 110V DC lighting system supply, and would certainly spin fast and strong (about 1/6hp, est) at that voltage. But here it is run at only about ten percent voltage supply, to make it sedate.

Carbon brushes were not quite yet invented, so you see laminated brass or bronze brushes: they are fanned stacks of very thin metal, in contact with the copper commutator. This is a classic, simple, bipolar, series-wound motor, absolutely identical in basic feature to an Edison dynamo of the era.


A bipolar electric motor is an electric motor with only two (hence bi-) poles to its stationary field.[1] They are an example of the simple brushed DC motor, with a commutator. This field may be generated by either a permanent magnet or a field coil.