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1901 Emerson Repulsion Start Induction Run AC Motor


A repulsion motor is a type of electric motor which runs on alternating current (AC). It was formerly used as a traction motor for electric trains but has been superseded by other types of motors.

source/image(PrtSc): EPHF Museum

Repulsion motors are classified under single phase motors. In repulsion motors the stator windings are connected directly to the AC power supply and the rotor is connected to a commutator and brush assembly, similar to that of a direct current (DC) motor.video by: EPHF Museum

Edmonton Power Historical Foundation presents the Emerson 1901, one half horsepower single phase AC induction motor. This is a repulsion-start induction-run motor.


It starts as a repulsion motor and runs as an Induction motor. Until capacitors were added to the split phase stator winding, this scheme provided the starting torque needed for high starting loads./via/read more: ephf

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