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1905 Harley Davidson Straptank Single-Cylinder


Made this early 1900’s Harley Davidson straptank single cylinder motorbike with some awesome patina and hand lettered tank! Aged it by rusting it then rubbing it with oil. Not too shabby!In 1905, the budding factory in a small Milwaukee shed built five machines, and began advertising engines for sale in The Automobile and The Cycle Trade Journal.

image credit: rustymetalz

The engines were enlarged to 26.84 cu-in. (440cc), and produced about 4 HP. By 1906 a new factory was built on Chestnut Street (renamed Juneau Ave. and still H-D headquarters), and about 50 bikes were built. These first models are known as the ‘strap tank,’ for the nickel-plated steel bands suspending the fuel and oil tanks from the frame.via(mecum).

In 1907, H-D built 150 machines and displayed a V-twin prototype that February at the Chicago Automobile Show – the future was clear.H-D were one of around 150 motorcycle manufacturers at that date, and by 1908 the company’s production leaped to 1,149 machines.


These earliest Harley-Davidson ‘strap tank’ models are the rarest and most coveted of all Milwaukee machinery, and this 1907 model is one of the first 207 built, including the prototypes.