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1910 Harley-Davidson Belt Drive Single Motorcycle

Harley Davidson only built single cylinder machines in 1910, and only 334 of these were magneto equipped. Total production of this year was only 3168. So, very rare indeed is this fine running and usable example with its credentials & paperwork.

source/image: Motorcyclepedia Museum

Original costs in 1910 were $210 for the more common battery ignition units and $250 for the up-graded magneto ignition examples.

source/image: Motorcyclepedia Museum

This machine is restored from a mostly all original motorcycle, using the original engine, original magneto , original 3/4″ Schebler carburetor, and most of the original frame and fork.


Some of the sheet metal has been meticulously replicated to the highest museum quality that this bike deserves. No expense was spared on this fine example of a prime American belt drive. This motorcycle is built to be used and driven, yet it has a pristine museum finish and presence.

These super-rare early Harleys have become very desirable and sought after. Belt drives have a special niche. This is truly a usable link to Harley history, and the importance of which may only escalate as its manufacturer’s centennial approaches.