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1939 Plymouth Air Radial Truck- First Test Drive With New Engine


They took a 1939 Plymouth truck and turned it into something that is half truck and half airplane. This Plymouth Air Radial Truck is a 1939 Plymouth pickup that has had a 12.5 liter radial engine from an airplane stuffed into the engine bay.

source/image(PrtSc): Plymouth Air Radial Truck

The radial engine is a seven-cylinder 12.5 liter motor built by the Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company for the Cessna 195 a 30s-era airplane which produces 300 horsepower.This is is a massive rotating engine designed to drive a propeller, but instead adapted to drive this slick 1939 model Plymouth pickup.

The 39 Plymouth is amazing with its true metal finish!It is incredible from every angle and the engineering incredible.Besides the aircraft engine the truck has a aviation theme and includes features several components from airplanes in the interior.


The aircraft feel is carried elsewhere in the build as well, with the hundreds of rivets being used to hold the truck together, especially around the windows, really tying the whole theme together around the massive radial engine. The twin glass panels in the roof are awesome touches that add to the feel of flying as the drivers can look straight up at the wild blue yonder as the engine roars along. It won’t be the fastest pickup on the road, but it may very well be the most unique.

VIAPlymouth Air Radial Truck
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