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1952 BMW R51/3 490cc Two Cylinder Combination Motorcycle


The BMW R51/3 was BMW’s second post-World War II 500 cc motorcycle, following the briefly produced R51/2. It featured a flat-twin engine and exposed drive shaft.

source/image(PrtSc): classic-motorcycle.com

In 1951, the R51/3 succeeded and modernized the 1950 R51/2, which was essentially a pre-war design that was produced after the war.

The R51/3, arrived in February 1951 and despite the similarity in designation had an entirely new and much neater looking engine incorporating a single, gear-driven camshaft and crankshaft-mounted generator among a host of other advances.


This sidecar was created in the 1930’s and was best suited for bikes displacing at least 350ccs. It features a spring suspension and of course, the iconic ‘bullet nose’ styling. The sectional steel crankshaft with carefully balanced counterweights ensures vibrationless operation.