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1955 Pontiac Undergoes Insane Transformation


FROM sitting in a field to now commanding attention on the roads, this 1955 Pontiac has undergone a transformation.

source/image(PrtSc): Barcroft Cars

Shawn, of Cleveland, Tennessee, bought the car from a friend and decided to work on it with his wife and son.

Given the condition of the original car, Shawn had to find a suitable replacement for the chassis and installed an engine from a Chevy truck but kept the original dashboard and steering wheel for the car’s interior.


The build cost $5,000 in total. Shawn told Ridiculous Rides: “It’s a lot of fun to drive. We’ve driven it all over the country. The attention it gets is amazing. You feel like you’re back in the ‘50s when you’re cruising around.”//Barcroft Cars

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