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1963 Corvette C2 Restoration Project

The story isn’t new—man keeps car in garage for years, only to pass away before he could restore it. That’s the fate suffered by this 1963 Corvette, which has been sitting in a garage for 35 years. With the passing of the owner, his nephew is now looking to you to be the one to continue its restoration.

image credit: DIY Garage

Of course, the 1963 Corvette is not just any Corvette—it’s the first of the C2s, and the only one of the series to have the split window. Standard was a mild 250-horse 327, but from there you could get 300, 340, or 360 horsepower with fuel injection.

image credit: DIY Garage

This custom C2 ‘Vette flaunts timeless design with modern day muscle, courtesy of a 6.2-liter LT4 V8, which provides stout performance figures of 552 horsepower and 586 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.No, this isn’t your ordinary restoration.



We don’t have all the fine details surrounding this custom car, but the pairing of a classic Corvette body with a potent LT4 engine is quite enough to sell it for us. The black-on-black color scheme and massive, three-piece Forgeline RS6 wheels further sweeten the pot.

The ’63 Corvette included new twin headlights that are hidden behind an electrically operating cover. This added to the aerodynamics of the car when the headlights were not in use. The fastback coupe was also new, it included a fixed roof with a large back window that was split down the center with a body colored bar. This bar was very controversial and was removed in 1964 so it makes the ’63 very unique.