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1966 Ford Mustang 289 K-Code

The “K” in the 5th VIN position has special meaning to early Mustang fans, and this 1966 version is a perfect example of why! The K code cars featured not only the 271 HP 289 V8, they also rode on a performance suspension system. We take a look at a Signal Flare Red K-Code from the Brothers Collection to learn more.

image/text credit: V8TV

Interiors were furnished with vinyl bucket seats, floor carpet and a floor-mounted shifter, along with bright hardware throughout. The instrument cluster had auxiliary gauge pods flanking a horizontal speedometer with generator and oil pressure warning lamps below.

image/text credit: V8TV

A Rally-Pac option added a 6,000 RPM tachometer and clock to the steering column.With an estimated 271-hp engine on board, it was easy to tell this car from other 289 powered Mustangs of the day.The differences didn’t stop there. In fact, the entire driveline of these cars was designed for performance.


Each K-Code Mustang had a special badge on their front fenders that read “HIGH PERFORMANCE 289”. No doubt about it, the K-Code Mustang was all performance.

In fact, K-Code Mustangs were not available with air conditioning or power steering. And you couldn’t buy one with an automatic transmission until the 1966 model year. Prior to that, the K-Code Mustangs had only four speeds. The car also came with a shorter warranty than the typical Mustang.